Captain Marvin Creamer's Circumnavigation Without Instruments

Marvin C. Creamer

was born on January 24, 1916 and he died following a brief illness, at 104 years of age on August 12, 2020.

With Marvin Creamer's death, the world lost not only one of its greatest navigators, but a man who had most of the character qualities that we would look for in a great person. He was intelligent and gifted, yet humble and unassuming. He amassed many awards, accolades and honors during his lifetime, but he set his sights on that which good and correct regardless of the response of others. Creamer considered the success of his efforts reward enough.

Captain Marvin Creamer successfully completed his circumnavigation of the globe against all odds. Expert opinions called it "a suicidal mission." The transponder that the Smithsonian Institute installed to mark the Globe Star's location quit twice unknown to the crew. The international news media reported him missing at sea, but he showed up in the next port of call around the time that he had calculated.

The crew weathered severe storms and long periods of doldrums. A fire in the galley during the first leg of his voyage nearly caused him to cancel plans, but Creamer was able to make repairs and continue. Severe storms with 40-foot waves beat on the Globe Star and it capsized twice with the mast 45% under water. Creamer suffered a dislocated shoulder and he persuaded a crew to pull it back into place under much pain. The "indestructible" stainless steel tiller snapped off in one storm. Creamer made temporary repairs and brought the Globe Star safely to Grenada.

Several of his now famous quips show his character. When a reporter asked the simple question, "How was the voyage?", Marvin replied, "It was a jolly romp." Another reporter compared Creamer's achievement to Astronaut Neil Anderson's moon walk of 1969. Creamer replied, "Anderson's walk was  'a giant leap for mankind' but my voyage was a small step back."

Marvin Creamer reached the magical age of 100 on January 24, 2016. The photo below was taken shortly before that occasion and is living proof that salt is a good preservative!

Creamer is the only person in history who sailed around the world without the use of navigational tools. No sextant, no compass, not even a watch! He did permit an hourglass to measure watches, however.

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Last updated: August 17, 2020